An Early Spring Look at Our Homestead

The snow has almost completely melted on our little NW Michigan homestead (though it is snowing as I write this…*sigh*) which meant that it was time for our first family walk of the spring. We do this a lot during the summer and fall, and I think we were all itching to get out and stroll our acreage again. So after dinner on Saturday, a windy, gray, cold day, we all bundled up and headed out.

Signs of new life were everywhere.
There were plenty of signs of wildlife. In this case, a hint that the wild turkeys have returned to our hilly meadow.
Our land is fairly hilly, and the low-lying areas were still covered by a thick blanket of snow.
We’re working on getting our greenhouse whipped into shape. This is a project I’ll be sharing in more detail over the next few weeks.
In the flower garden, our little frog statue is finally visible again!
Most of the big hills are clear of snow now.
By the time we were finished, it was time to sit down with a hot cup of coffee and do some more garden planning!

Things seem very quiet from the outside, but in reality our little homestead is bustling. Aside from the normal flurry of homeschooling, cooking, baking, and crafting, and Roger building items for our Etsy shop, we have flats of seeds started under lights, with more to be sown over the next few weeks.

We’ll be weeding and watering and relaxing under the pines before we know it. Right now, it’s as if Grasshopper Hill has taken a deep breath, preparing itself for the joyful busy-ness to come.

Freezing Fog

We had a weather alert for freezing fog here in northern Michigan early this morning. And sure enough, when we got up to let the dog out and feed the chickens, we were met with a sight that looked like something from a holiday fairy tale.

It looks like the spray snow you used to be able to buy around the holidays when I was a kid (do they even still sell that?) but a million times prettier. Every branch has been dusted by glittering ice crystals, and our little homestead looks magical.